Sell Out Animation

Digital 2D Specialists

SellOutAnimation assembles seasoned professionals and emerging talent in our Edinburgh studio. Our combined experience covers feature film, TV series and advertising pipelines. Projects which our team have produced and contributed to have garnered many awards, among them an Academy Award nomination
and a Bafta.

Our focus is digital 2D character animation, working across all stages from storyboarding to colour and compositing. Our team is studio based, facilitating effective teamwork, creative oversight and first class working practices suitable for integration into pipelines of any scale. We can work with all the leading 2D tools including TV Paint, ToonBoom and Cel Action. Our team love to draw: one of our strengths is utilising digital tools to deliver the look of natural media. We can also share our experience in constructing effective pipelines across studios and time zones, including providing supervision services outwith our own studio if required.

Parent company SellOutPictures has extensive experience of delivering the benefits of the UK Animation and Film tax credits to productions where appropriate.

Sell Out Showreel

To see our showreel, showcasing recent studio work alongside our senior staff's collective back-catalogue, please mail us to request the vimeo password.

Below are clips from, and the poster for, our most recent project Vitello, a Denmark/UK co-production of a digital 2D feature and series in Danish and English.

Vitello poster